September 24, 2022

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Phoenix Country Day brothers start website to help teens struggling with mental health

Carter Kroeger was scrolling through the comments on his TikTok page when he saw one that made him pause and think.

“You saved my life this morning,” it read.

With each new video, similar sentiments poured in. Quickly, Carter and his brother, Ashton — a two-time Division III state champion in tennis at Phoenix Country Day — realized the platform they had amassed.

Eventually, they decided to start a website — — to help teens who are struggling with mental health, such as those who had reached out to them on TikTok.

None of this, they say now, was the intention when Carter first started his account, which was intended to showcase his musical talent.

The first video he ever posted has 1,557 views. It’s a cover of “Get You” by the Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caeser, and Carter is singing it from inside his parents’ living room. His musical talents — both vocally and on the guitar — are evident from the 30-second clip, but the video feels like an eighth-grade kid took a minute out of his day to film it, because that’s what Carter did.