September 24, 2022

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Pedego Electric Bikes comes to Meadow Mall in May

Boothbay Harbor will welcome Pedego Electric Bikes with its “… hello, fun…” slogan at the Meadow Mall in early May. Branch owners Roger and Lisa Matthews plan a soft open for Maine’s third locally owned storefront which will be at Suite B between Nathan’s Pharmacy and Bangor Savings Bank.

The Matthews have been visiting the region for about a decade and recently decided to jump from their Austin, Texas home to their Boothbay Harbor home and become year-round residents. Roger said coming to the Harbor was fate: The first morning they spent in the region, they woke up to see through their Tugboat Inn room’s window three giant masts peeking up over a building. When they walked outside to look for the ship, they discovered the HMS Bounty.

“It sunk in a hurricane the next week and this was its last true port stop,” Roger said. “(Lisa’s) father was a boater … and she grew up on the back of a cabin cruiser. In a glass case in our Boothbay Harbor house is a hand-built model of the Bounty that her dad did in 1963 … What are the odds of that? It’s almost like us moving here was supposed to happen.”

Lisa is a writer and published author, a history buff and a “lover of all things mysterious.” After 35 years in corporate marketing for tech companies, since she can take her work on the road, it seemed like another good reason to make the jump to Maine, she said. However, Roger was always the one tied down for work; he was with Austin Subaru 23 years, most spent as the client retention manager.

“I always felt like a ‘from-away’ … and when I came here in 2012 I couldn’t put my finger on why I just felt at home,” Roger said. “Then one winter … (I saw) we only had the locals around and that‘s really when you see the town. I knew this is where we were going to end up … I’m not a lifelong Mainer, but this is my home now and I can’t believe how welcoming everyone is.”

When the couple decided for sure Roger was going to retire from Subaru and they were going to get rights to open a Pedego in Boothbay Harbor, Pedego’s policy on the rights changed. Instead of a two-year window from claiming the area to opening the shop, they suddenly had a six-month window. Now, the Matthews are in the middle of construction at the Meadow Mall and plan to wrap up everything from drop ceilings, painting and electrical work to assembly on dozens of bikes, product placement and all the other finishing touches by opening day.

The Matthews’ move to the region was imminent, but bringing Pedego here had to be out of more than just convenience or desire, said Lisa. It also had to be about improving their’ and their neighbors’ quality of life. “For us, this means becoming part of this community, spending more time outdoors enjoying nature and a healthier lifestyle, and doing something that feels less like working and more like playing. We want to introduce and share the Pedego biking experience we have come to love with others.”

Pedego Boothbay Harbor will bring people who live, work and play in the Boothbay region and Lincoln County a green alternative for transportation and a balance of exercise and recreation while supporting the local economy, they said. The store will offer Pedego’s 18-model selection of road and off-road bikes for sale and rent, full service options, accessories, and regular safety courses, as well as group rides and self-guided and guided tours.

“We want to encourage mobility for all ages and guide individuals to safely and comfortably ride an electric bike,” said Lisa. “It’s the perfect opportunity to get you back on a bike while getting your car off the road and putting a smile on your face.”