September 24, 2022

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4 Reasons to Avoid Plagiarism in Website & Academic Writing

Plagiarism is copying the content of someone else without giving them attribution and credit for their work. Many students are unaware of plagiarism and as a beginner, they copy the content of others from the internet. However, plagiarism detection software’s wastes no time in detecting plagiarism.

Students and other content writers write the topic in search engines and then lookup for suitable results. Without having an idea of plagiarism, they copy the content and claim it as original work. It is against the spirit of writing and academic writers should pay special attention to plagiarism while writing an article.

Value of Avoiding Plagiarism

Through plagiarism, students and content writers try to cheat their professors and plagiarism detection software. Instead, they can take the help of paraphrasing tool to turn old articles into new ones. The benefit of using this tool is that it relies on Machine learning to paraphrase word-by-word sentences. However, the majority of students are not aware of this fact and they continue to copy the work of others.

It is also one of the reasons why search engines like Google give websites a penalty. Content is always the king and the goal of every content writer including students should be to write original content.

4 Reasons to Avoid Plagiarism

By avoiding plagiarism students can get better grades. Content writers on the other side can claim a piece of article as their own work.

1. Avoiding Copyright Strikes

Search engines work in a way that they protect the content of original authors. However, when someone tries to copy the content, the author with the copyright of content can claim the content due to which search engine takes immediate action and remove content from the internet.

Therefore, to avoid plagiarism, it is important to write original work and do not copy it from other sources. Moreover, authors can take permission from authors who own the content. Although these are not similar it can be helpful in getting rid of plagiarism and copyright strikes.

2. Scoring Better Grades

Universities and other academic institutions check the work of students with the help of plagiarism checker software. These tools detect plagiarism and students can receive a penalty for their poor performance. In some scenarios, universities kick such students out of university for plagiarism.

Students who face difficulties in writing can submit write my paper for me requests online. Such services exist by taking the student’s burden over their shoulders and making writing easy.

3. Save Website from Penalty

Search engines Like Google use machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the best content in the search. If you have observed a drop in your traffic and ranking it might be due to the copied content and you should always avoid it.

Google can detect copied content in your website and drop your ranking. As a result, your SEO result will be of no use and you will see a further drop in your search ranking. There are various websites like Copyscape that help you in detecting the amount of plagiarized content on your webpage. You can take a look at the Google guidelines about avoiding duplicate content.

4. Helps in Brand Growth

If your long-term target is to gain traffic and build a brand reputation, you should always avoid plagiarizing content. For students, they should learn the art of making arguments if they want to achieve better grades. It will be helpful for them in their professional life as well because they can write engaging content without copying from other sources.

Plagiarized content would always result in poor brand growth. Every day, millions of articles are posted on the internet. If you want to build your brand, write engaging content. Always offer original products and content that increases interest and improves user engagement. Plagiarism on the other side damages the reputation and affects your website SEO.


In a nutshell, writing original content should always be the goal of students and other professional writers. Search engines like Google love original article and you can save your website from penalty. Offer unique products and make a standalone brand based on user trust.